You are your own guru

With the current shift in consciousness, more and more people are awakening and looking for guidance. Sadly, there are a few who are looking to profit out of this but even legitimate spiritual teachers, or gurus, run the risk of becoming seeming cult leaders without meaning to. We look to our gurus to navigate this […]

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ThetaHealing Downloads – What Are They?

You may have noticed that I and other ThetaHealers® offer ThetaHealing® downloads on various social media accounts and wondered what on earth these are. Wonder no more! Downloads or “feeling work” is just one aspect of ThetaHealing. As a ThetaHealer, I work with Creator/Source/The Universe to transmit the energy of feelings into your body. When […]

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The Fear of Fear
Go Ape

I consider myself pretty high up on the fearless scale compared to the average Joe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no adrenaline junkie and I definitely feel the fear, but when it comes to things that are important I can usually conquer those fears. For years I had wanted to go to Go Ape (a […]

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The Quest for Perfection

Soon after I had posted my first blog post, I posted the link to it on a Facebook group I belong to. No big deal, you may think. Not necessarily. See, the old me was a perfectionist. I didn’t reveal/do/say anything that I didn’t think was good enough (bar the (many) accidental slips). Criticism, to […]

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I’m F***ing Flying!

I’m f***ing flying! It’s been three days since I left Bentinho Massaro’s retreat in beautiful St. Thomas. So. Many. Shifts. I left feeling excited, elated, even ecstatic, deep down hoping that the return to “reality” would not wipe it all away. It has not. True, if you were to see me now and you knew […]

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