Theta Healing modality and Nuhar delivering it were great! I came to the session to address my long term challenge and focusing on this personal intention combined with Nuhar intuitive guidance resulted in shifting the problem to a level of complete and tangible healing. The important thing to be said about my experience is that the timing of the session made so much sense as it was a true primer for the major change I was about to undergo in my life. I enjoyed Nuhar’s highly skilled, authentic and no-nonsense approach. If you are looking to connect with a professional who is able to facilitate a lasting change for you I wouldn’t hesitate and give Nuhar a call now! – Agnieszka Grenckowska, AGNA Coaching (Facebook Review)
When I contacted Nuhar, I was experiencing chronic hip pain, and had been diagnosed with a 3cm cyst on my left ovary. I had never tried theta healing before, but was intrigued by the idea that I could heal my body at the quantum level. Nuhar is a gifted healer and will skilfully and sensitively guided you through a process of removing energy blockages from your past and/or past lives. My session with her was powerful and profound. It felt like finding the unknown missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and I was shown how previous incarnations had been directly influencing the choices I had made in this lifetime. Through integrating the learnings and releasing the blockages, I found a deeper understanding of, and more compassion for, myself. Thank you Nuhar. I received infinitely more healing that I ever expected, and now feel I have the freedom and clarity to make healthier, more aligned choices going forwards. Oh, and by the way, three days after our session, I received confirmation that the cyst had completely disappeared!– Susy Rudkin (Facebook Review)
Having known Nuhar for years through professional work and then as friends, I know that whatever she says is always well researched, conducted and on point. She identifies the crux of the problem and fixes it. When she told me about Theta Healing, I have to admit I’d not heard of it before but was really interested in finding out more.

When we started off, I was tired and energy drained, mentally and physically. During the course of the session, I found myself answering questions instantly in a way I’d not expected and my muscle testing doing things of its own accord! Slowly things started changing and, by the end, I was feeling both calm and “buzzy”- not something I’ve ever felt in tandem before. The whole experience was a revelation. I cannot wait to see what happens next and will be keeping my eyes open!– Caroline Kehoe (Facebook Review)

I really enjoyed my Theta Healing session with Nuhar. She has a warm and positive energy that makes you feel at ease. It’s amazing how deep I felt into past events as we worked through the process. I really recommend this treatment with her!– Sha Sha Crow (Facebook Review)
Nuhar’s energy and connection to the divine are strong yet gentle and light and I felt truly safe and understood all along the session. Her approach of getting into the core cause, finding the core belief or program that is behind the issue is soft, yet very effective and it didn’t leave any bad aftertaste or residue of old pains in my system after the session. Thanks to Nuhar we were able to tap into such a hidden and important areas of my subconscious and clear “stuff” that’s been blocking me my whole lifetime. Thank you Nuhar…I will be back! – Martin Kubec (Facebook Review)
Nuhar has a thorough grounding in integrated energy techniques, and applies her knowledge with wisdom, sensitivity and total professionalism. One feels thoroughly safe with her, which is essential for any self-exploration. She is a guide I would always be happy to have on my journey.– Florence B
Throughout our sessions I have experienced my views opened and that helped to a huge mind transformation. All held in a very friendly and approachable manner as well as professional and always something new to look forward to.– Lenka K
Prior to surgery I was experiencing anxiety and concern related to the hospital environment. Having discussed my issues with Nuhar online, during which she taught me some anxiety reduction techniques, I arrived at the hospital almost looking forward to putting her advice to the test! I am happy to say that they worked, putting me at ease with the surgery passing with no issues.– Russell B
My sessions with Nuhar always left me feeling more uplifted and positive, even after talking through some very negative memories and working through some deep set issues. And the positivity stays with you! She is calming, funny, understanding and empathetic. Anyone open to trying EFT, I would highly recommend Nuhar, she seems to be a natural healer… And has helped me in ways that no one else has been able to. Thank you Nuhar!– C Bailey
The EFT session was amazing experience. I suffered from post natal depression as I had a horrible labour experience. After only one session I feel amazing and happy again!!!! The fear of pain is gone!!
I highly recommend this to everybody. – Martina
Very vibrant, happy and friendly approach– Gayatri