I consider myself pretty high up on the fearless scale compared to the average Joe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no adrenaline junkie and I definitely feel the fear, but when it comes to things that are important I can usually conquer those fears.

For years I had wanted to go to Go Ape (a zip lining and tree top adventures company in the UK) but I kept putting it off. Even when my sister bought me a gift voucher for my birthday I ended up using it on a Segway experience instead. That was fun too but it wasn’t really what the voucher was intended for.

You see, I wasn’t afraid of heights. I was afraid that once I was up there I might get afraid, thus causing problems. And that’s it right there: the fear of fear.

When I finally did it in 2016, I loved it. Standing on a platform up in the tree tops I contemplated this lesson I was learning and realised just how cunning fear could be.

How often do you let your fear of fear stop you from living your dream or being authentically you? They say there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I disagree. There is NOTHING to fear!

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