You may have noticed that I and other ThetaHealers® offer ThetaHealing® downloads on various social media accounts and wondered what on earth these are. Wonder no more!

Downloads or “feeling work” is just one aspect of ThetaHealing. As a ThetaHealer, I work with Creator/Source/The Universe to transmit the energy of feelings into your body. When we download feelings, we are forming new cell receptors in our bodies to receive these emotions or feelings that we want to create. Downloads give us the ability to start creating a new reality by instantly teaching us the feelings that we allow to be downloaded. Due to the nature of free will this energy cannot be absorbed by your body unless you permit it, which is why you will usually be asked to explicitly say “Yes” to receive these downloads.

Some examples could be:

  • What it feels like to have joy
  • What it feels like to be rich
  • What it feels like to trust your intuition
  • What it feels like to live without being depressed
  • …. really, the possibilities are endless!

Downloads won’t necessarily change your beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns if you have bottom beliefs and feelings that need to be cleared. For that, belief work on an individual basis is necessary and a session with a ThetaHealer (or your preferred healing modality practitioner) is recommended. However, I have found that downloads can change your life dramatically if you allow it. Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with the free downloads I will be offering. If you decide you want them, just say “YES”!

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