With the current shift in consciousness, more and more people are awakening and looking for guidance. Sadly, there are a few who are looking to profit out of this but even legitimate spiritual teachers, or gurus, run the risk of becoming seeming cult leaders without meaning to.

We look to our gurus to navigate this unknown territory and so we often end up giving them our power, eager for someone else to take the reins of our lives and lead us to enlightenment. Whether that person is someone just looking to take advantage of us or a legitimate teacher, there is never any benefit to us giving them our power.

It’s a surprisingly easy thing to do though. It can happen without us even realising it. They’ve taught us truths, changed or, in more extreme cases, even saved our lives, and shown us something greater than ourselves – our Divinity. We trust them. They teach us what we think we didn’t know. We grow. We expand. We find joy, peace, love. Then somewhere in the middle of it when we weren’t looking we can find that we might have placed said guru on a pedestal, viewing them as an enlightened being that we might never be as good as. We hang on their every word and take everything they say as gospel. Regardless of whether they are a legitimate teacher or a scam artist, we have now given them our power and the Divinity we may have glimpsed or experienced is unknowingly put back into a little box.

What if you knew that everything and everyone in your world was a reflection of YOU? You create your reality after all.

What if you knew that everything and everyone in your world was YOUR TEACHER – from the guru who reminds you of your Divinity, to the child jumping in puddles who teaches you to find joy in the present moment, or the partner who betrays you who teaches you forgiveness?


So often we see enlightenment as though it were the end of a journey or something we can only attain through hard work and dedication. But what if enlightenment is merely throwing light on what you already are but just haven’t seen yet? What if enlightenment is going within to remove the mental shackles you have placed upon yourself to experience the freedom you already are and always have been? What if enlightenment is not the creation of a new piece of art but merely the unveiling of a masterpiece that already exists?

Now, stand in your own power knowing you are already a masterpiece. Start to trust your own inner knowing as to whether something is true for you or not and find the answers you seek within rather than without. And when your external teachers do show up for you, you can learn the lessons and have the experiences you have chosen with so much more ease, joy and freedom. Your connection to your own Higher Self or Divinity within is all you need, and following your intuition/inner guidance/resonance will lead you to the right teachers and guides relevant for you at that moment. Regardless of how your teachers show up for you and how long it takes, ultimately, the path of enlightenment is the process of YOU unveiling the masterpiece that is you, to yourself.

Enlightenment is not the creation of a new piece of art but merely the unveiling of a masterpiece that already exists

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